Apple Leaks: Previewing the Future of iPhones and iPads in 2024

A renowned leaker, known for providing exclusive insights into upcoming Apple devices, has just shared some exciting news about the unreleased iPhones and iPads expected to arrive in 2024. While previous reports have offered glimpses of what’s to come, this latest leak provides a broader view of Apple’s future offerings.

According to the leak, we can expect a new variation of the iPad Air in 2024. However, there seems to be no mention of an iPhone Ultra joining the lineup. Instead, attention is drawn to the iPhone 16 series, with details on the codenames and family chips for each model.

The leaked information reveals the following:

– iPhone 16: Codenamed D47AP, featuring the (possibly) revolutionary A18 chip.
– iPhone 16 Plus: Codenamed D48AP, also equipped with the (possibly) groundbreaking A18 chip.
– iPhone 16 Pro: Codenamed D93AP, boasting the (possibly) game-changing A18 chip.
– iPhone 16 Pro Max: Codenamed D94AP, powered by the (possibly) cutting-edge A18 chip.

Although the specifics of these devices still remain a mystery, this leak confirms that Apple is likely to continue using the same family of chips, indicated by the shared identifier T8140. This suggests that the upcoming iPhones will feature the highly-anticipated A18 processors, instead of relying on the previous year’s chips.

Turning our attention to the iPad lineup, the leak brings some intriguing details. The leaker suggests that the iPad 11 could retain the A14 Bionic chip from the previous generation, although uncertainties remain. However, the iPad mini is expected to receive an upgrade to the A17 chip, indicating the potential for hardware-accelerated ray tracing. This enhancement could transform the compact tablet into a formidable gaming platform, appealing to avid mobile gamers.

Interestingly, the iPad Air with M2 is anticipated to launch in two different models, potentially featuring 10.9-inch and 12.9-inch variants. However, unlike its smaller counterpart, the iPad Air may not offer hardware-accelerated ray tracing capabilities, aligning with Apple’s design choices that prioritize other features and functionalities.

This leak provides Apple enthusiasts with a thrilling glimpse into the future as they eagerly await the official announcements and releases of these highly anticipated devices. While the specifics remain shrouded in secrecy, these hints provide a tantalizing preview of what lies ahead for iPhones and iPads in 2024.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q: What does the latest leak reveal about Apple’s upcoming devices?
A: The leak provides details about the iPhones and iPads expected to arrive in 2024.

Q: What can we expect for the iPad lineup?
A: The leak suggests that the iPad 11 might retain the A14 Bionic chip, while the iPad mini is expected to receive an upgrade to the A17 chip. The iPad Air may launch in two different models with potential differences in size.

Q: Which iPhones are mentioned in the leak?
A: The leak mentions the iPhone 16 series, which includes the iPhone 16, iPhone 16 Plus, iPhone 16 Pro, and iPhone 16 Pro Max.

Q: What are the codenames and chips for each iPhone 16 model?
A: The iPhone 16 is codenamed D47AP and features the A18 chip. The iPhone 16 Plus is codenamed D48AP and also includes the A18 chip. The iPhone 16 Pro is codenamed D93AP and has the A18 chip. Lastly, the iPhone 16 Pro Max is codenamed D94AP and is powered by the A18 chip.

Q: Will the upcoming iPhones use a new family of chips?
A: No, the leaked information suggests that the upcoming iPhones will use the same family of chips, specifically using the shared identifier T8140. This indicates the use of the highly-anticipated A18 processors.

Q: Will there be an iPhone Ultra in the lineup?
A: The leak does not mention an iPhone Ultra, instead focusing on the iPhone 16 series.


– Leaker: A person who releases or provides confidential or exclusive information.

– Codenames: Secret names or identifiers used to refer to products or projects under development without revealing their true names.

– Ray tracing: A rendering technique that simulates the behavior of light in a virtual environment, providing more realistic lighting, reflections, and shadows in computer-generated graphics.

– Avid mobile gamers: Enthusiastic or dedicated players who frequently engage in gaming activities on mobile devices.

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